Full Course

All 6 Modules

The Astute Artist has been expressly designed to assist artists with functioning more professionally. Working at your own pace through all 6 modules, you will learn how to transform your art practice into a viable small business.

As well as the basics, such as identifying the right industry pathway and your key strengths, we guide you through setting up your art business efficiently, writing quality content and ensuring you are ready for any gallery or media opportunities that arise.

Provided in an order that flows from one crucial step to the next, each module will take around an hour to read through, with homework and your own research adding extra time. We ask questions, provide tasks, encourage you to form positive habits and invite you to dig deep into the heart of your art practice in order to propel your career forward.

Whether you are looking to run a successful side hustle or ultimately want to become a full-time artist, this course is for you.

Modules: 6